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= Game Biz News =
FGN - Fastest Game News Online
Blue's News

= Online Games News =
Vault Network
Stratics Network
Crossroads Network
MPOGDbeta news

= Books =
tech book store - look here for titles below
3-book set * - Software Engineering Classics
by Jim McCarthy, Steve McConnell and Steve Maguire
* Debugging the Development Process
by Steve Maguire
* Dynamics of Software Development
by Jim McCarthy
* Rapid Development, The Software Project Survival Guide
Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction
by Steve McConnell
Black Art of Game Programming
Game Programming for Dummies
Game Programming Gurus
by Andre' LaMothe
several books
by Brian Hook
several books
by John Ratcliff
many! books
by Michael Abrash

= Game Dev Resources =
Gamasutra Gama - Game Manufacturers Assoc.
Game Developer Magazine commercial game dev articles
IGDA International Game Developers Assoc (was CGDA)
Games3.Network game search site
Ultimate 3D Links! mostly modeling
3D Engines List  600+ engines listed !
Game Dev Search Engine
Game Dev Search Engine mirror
The New Game Programmer's Guild
3DFILES.COM engines, code
flipCode - Game Dev News & Resources
ZDnet Script Library JavaScript
The JavaScript Source
Tom's Hardware Guide

= Jobs =
Understand that the job of a recruiter is to screen you out, not to screen you in.
There's nothing an 'agent' can do for you that you can't do for yourself faster, 
cheaper, better and with far less hassle.
Gamasutra LOTS - membership (free) required to view listings
Video Game Yellow Pages
Looksmart search games->code->dev->jobs Publisher/Developer RFP matching service & job site

= Asheron's Call =
AC Vault
AC Stratics
Crossroads of Dereth
AC Explorer a pro-quality AC map util
Dr.TwisTer's Asheron's Alert
AC PC Punks
AC Stomped
ARCHERon's Call for Archers

= EverQuest =
Sony EQ
EQ Stratics
EQ Vault
Crossroads of Norrath
AllaKhazam's Everquest
Quester EQ maps in Japanese
The Band an online gaming guild

= Neverwinter Nights =
coming soon!

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